Our partnership with Patient Advocate

The Orange Foundation has partnered with Patient Advocate to provide advocacy services.

Patient Advocate works collaboratively with organisations and healthcare providers to create a valuable bridge between private health programmes and services. It enables people greater access to healthcare choices and delivers significant and measurably improved health benefits and cost savings.

The organisation prides itself on managing the needs of individuals through blended health and welfare provision, hand in hand with our nurse-led case management. It provides treatment facilitation and complements the NHS and GP resources.

The Orange Foundation’s founder, Michael Gregory, said: “Patient advocacy is essential, particularly when dealing with a life-changing cancer diagnosis. Patients need someone with them who can help navigate the health system and help them with their treatment plan. This valuable service also helps alleviate a lot of the anxiety when facing living with cancer, and I’m glad we’re partnering with Patient Advocate.”

The Foundation will pay for an individual to access the service, whether for a short or long period, with the objective of helping to deliver support when and where it’s needed.

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